Asia Days Team 2022

We are a group of students based in the university of St. Gallen in Switzerland. What conntects us is our deep interest for business, economics, as well as politics connected to Asia. The 2022 Asia Days team is looking forward to welcome you at this year's conference. Interesting workshops, an exciting panel discussion, and a unique closing event are waiting for you!

Maximilian Daugèras

Head of Asia Days and Vice President

Maximilian grew up next to Paris in a multicultural family, having a French father and a German mother. He went to an International school there, where he met pupils from different cultural backgrounds. By getting friend with students from Japan and China and afterwards reading a lot about different Asian cultures and History, he became passionate about Asia. Maximilian is now pursuing his Bachelor in Business Administration at the University of St.Gallen and active as Vice President of the Asia Club and Head of the Asia Days. He hopes to work in Asia after his studies, in order to discover the everyday culture more in-depth and acquire experience in the fast moving environment Asia is offering.

Sharen Wen

Head of on Campus Marketing

With her background as a Swiss born Chinese-Vietnamese Sharen is very much familiar with both the Western, as well as the (South)-East-Asian culture. Growing up in such environment has allowed her to learn the essentials of Chinese and Vietnamese traditions, cuisines and languages from an early age. The fascination for her heritage grew even more after she spent six months living in China. Sharen is currently studying Accounting and Finance and is very interested in the Asian finance industry and business culture. By co-organizing the Asia Days as Head of On-Campus Marketing she hopes to bring these aspects closer to people.

Jes Peter Ole Carstens

Head of Sponsoring

Having grown up in the most northern part of Germany, where people generally take life more slowly, Ole was fascinated by the comparatively fast-paced Asian world. Particular interest emerged when the first Asian friends were made, who for example introduced him to the particularities of Chinese cuisine. Ole’s interest in Asia remains strong, which is why he currently takes Chinese language classes as well as various other Asia-focused courses in the Bachelor of Business Administration.

Jasmina Beganovic

Head of Logistics

Growing up in different countries and a multicultural household Jasmina was naturally interested in different cultures and languages. With learning Aikido and Kung Fu as a child she discovered her interest for Asian material arts and cultures. Having friends from different parts of Asia, being invited to their homes and experiencing a bit of their cultures, the fascination grew. Jasmina is currently in her Master, studying Law. Even though studying Swiss law, there is a great interest of working in a more international field with a connection to Asia in the future. In her free time, Jasmina enjoys cooking, reading and studying languages.

Phuoc Son Huynh

Head of Finance

As the first-generation immigrant who was born and raised in Switzerland, Phuoc Son has always been living between two beautiful but vastly different cultures. Growing older, he strongly felt the urge to discover his Asian heritage and therefore, traveled to countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, South-Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, and Cambodia as well as joined Asia Club as a board member. Today Phuoc Son proudly holds his B.A. HSG in Economics and currently persuades further studies in Economics at the University of St. Gallen. As the Head of Finance, Phuoc Son handles all financial matters regarding the Asia Club and Asia Days.

Mouniga Nanthakumar

Head of Online Marketing

Mouniga Nanthakumar comes from the canton of Zurich and has tamil roots. Her parents have taught her the tamil language and south-asian culture since she was a child. She graduated from high school in Wetzikon and is currently in assessment at the University of St. Gallen. She dedicates herself to the online marketing department of Asia Days, because she likes to be up to date on social media, to work with new challenges and additionally to let her creativity run its free course. Moreover, Asia Days allows her to turn her knowledge into practice. Her goal is to make Asia Days 2022 as a team to an unforgettable event.

Maximilian Wübbelsmann

Head of IT

Growing up with a multicultural family expanded Maximilian's curiosity for different cultures outside of his primarily European background. In particular, the Asian continent sparked his interest in a different world of business and culture. Maximilian speaks many languages and is currently in his 5th semester of International Affairs at the University of St. Gallen, which has contributed to broadening his horizon further. Maximilian looks forward to participate in an incredible event to come.

Anna Aiko Birrer

Head of Partners

Anna Aiko grew up in a small village in the canton of Aargau. Having heard so many stories about Japan from her parents who had been in Tokyo for several years, Anna Aiko was also curious to explore East Asia. A Chinese Government Scholarship enabled her to attend the Mandarin and culture courses at the Minzu University of China in Beijing. Highly fascinated by the Chinese culture – and amazed of its unique food culture –, she began her studies in Sinology and East Asian Art History at the University of Zurich. After successfully graduating, last fall she transferred to the University of Sankt Gallen to take up her second degree in International Affairs. As Head of Partners, Anna Aiko is looking forward to welcoming the distinguished guest speakers and participants of the Asia Days conference in Sankt Gallen.